Ljupco Kocarev


Ljupco Kocarev is a Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering at University of “Sv Kiril i Metodij” Skopje, Macedonia, and Research Scientist (at full professor rank) at Bio Circuits Institute, University of California San Diego, USA. Kocarev was a visiting scientist at University of California Berkeley, USA; University of Gottingen, Germany; Collegium Budapest, Hungary; Politecnico di Torino, Italy; and University of Tokyo, Japan. He was reviewer for various agencies including Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science, Hong Kong Research Council, VINNOVA (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems), NSF (National Science Foundation, USA), ONR (Office of Naval Research, USA), and EU (FP7 programme). His administrative and science policy experience include member of the National Scientific Council, member of the National European Integration Council, member of the University Council, and many others. He was a referee for over 40 journals including Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters, and over 10 different IEEE Transactions. Kocarev was a consultant of various companies, including STMicroelectronics (www.st.com).

Kocarev scientific and research interests are very broad and include complex systems, dynamical systems, and chaos theory; nonlinear systems and circuits, coding and information theory, computer and complex networks, cryptography, bioinformatics and computational biology. His work has been published in more than 20 different international peer-review journals (with impact factor) ranging from mathematics to computer science, form physics to chemistry and biology, from cognitive science to geophysics. Kocarev has co-authored over 100 journal publications among which 24 are published by IEEE, 23 in Physical Review Series (7 in Physical Review Letters) and 34 by Elsevier. He has also co-authored over 100 proceedings publications, and over 20 book chapters. His work has been cited according to Science Citation Index (Web of Science) over 5000 times and according to Google Scholar Citations over 7800 times. He holds 6 US and/or EU patents. Kocarev is a fellow of IEEE.

Kocarev work has been funded by the Macedonian Government; US Government (NSF, AFOSR, DoE, and ONR); STMicroelectronics; NATO; EU (TEMPUS, FP6 and FP7 programmes); and agencies from Spain, Italy, Germany (DAAD, DFG), Hong Kong, and Hungary. Currently Kocarev is involved in several projects: Super-modelling by combining imperfect models, FET OPEN, EU 2010-2013; Optimization and Performance Enhancement of Complex Networks using Sensors, ONR Global, USA 2010-2013; An Interactive Multi-Model for Consensus on Climate Change, Department of Energy, USA 2010-2013; EURAXESS Top II, FP7 programme, EU 2012-2014; Non-coherent Communication for Future Wireless Networks, DFG, Germany 2012-2014; Annotated graphs in system biology, MON, Macedonia 2010-2012; and Diagnosing vulnerability, emergent phenomena, and volatility in manmade networks, MANU, Macedonia 2011-2014.