Work package 3 (Networking and Training)

Training of RCGEB researchers in EU institutions:

18-24 April 2009
MSc Katerina Popovska-Jankovic, participated at the EMBO Practical Course on
"miRNA profiling: from in situ hybridization to next-generation sequencing", in EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

17-18 September 2009
Dr Katarina Davalieva participated at the Eurogentest workshop for genetic testing – “Best practice in High Resolution Melting Curve Analysis
, in Leiden, The Netherlands

26-30 October 2009
Dr Katarina Davalieva and BSc Sanja Kiprijanova participated in – “Ettan DIGE Training Course” and “Ettan DIGE Analysis Course”, training courses held at the GE Healthcare Centre in Munich

23 November - 18 December 2009
In cooperation with Professor Pier Franco Pignatti, Dept. of Biology and Genetics, University of Verona, BSc Katerina Popovska Jankovic, received a four week training in microarray technology, at the “Plant Functional Genomic Center, Faculty of Science” University of Verona, headed by Professor Massimo Delledone

23 November - 12 December 2009
MSc Ivana Maleva, was trained in comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) at Institute for Biochemistry and Genetics, “Henry Mondor” Hospital, Paris, headed by Professor Michel Goossens

1-14 March 2010
Dr Katarina Davalieva and BSc Sanja Kiprijanova received a hands on training at Department of Proteomics, the Cochin Institute, Paris, headed by Phillipe Chafey

1-14 March 2010
Dr Svetlana Madzunkova was trained in microarray techniques, at Department for Development and Neuromuscular Disorders, Cochin Institute Paris, headed by Professor Jamel Chelly

28 March - 10 April 2011
Dr Svetlana Madjunkova and MSc Ivana Maleva had two weeks hands on training in microarray CGH experiment: Data analysis-Cyto Sure Software, OGTechnologies at Catholic University, Medical Faculty, Centre for Human Genetics, Leuven, the Laboratory for Cytogenetics & Genome Research, headed by Professor Joris Vermeesch

26-27 May, 2011
Dr Katarina Davalieva and BSc Sanja Kiprijanova participated in –“Ettan DIGE Analysis Course”, training course held at the GE Healthcare Centre in Munich

08 - 10 December, 2011
BSc Sanja Kiprijanovska, participated in a training course "Targeted Proteomics-Practical Course" at the Clinical Proteomics Centre, Luxembourg, Luxembourg headed by Professor Bruno Domon

15 January – 04 February 2012
MSc Katerina Popovska Jankovic stayed for two weeks at the Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille (CRCM), Marseille, France. She acquired additional expertise on basic genomic analysis, microRNA analysis and expression analyses for specific genes in cells from different cancers

28 January - 24 February 2012
MSc Ivana Maleva obtained three weeks practical training in SNP genotyping and targeted resequencing in breast cancer using Fluidigm platform, at the Gynaecology Research Unit; Hannover Medical School, Hannover; Germany

06 - 19 February, 2012
BSc Sanja Kiprijanovska received two weeks training in proteomic research of spermatozoa at Prof. Rafael Oliva laboratory, the Genetic Unit, Department of Physiological Sciences I, Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, Spain

23 - 24 February 2012
Dr Emilija Sukarova Stefanovska participated at the EuroGentest workshop on: “Accreditation for beginners, how to implement ISO 15189?”, held at the DATAE Institute for Experimental Medical Research, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey

05 - 16 March 2012
Dr Katarina Davalieva obtained two weeks practical training in MALDI TOF technology: “Peptide mass fingerprinting course”, at the Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

09 - 23 March 2012
Dr Svetlana Madjunkova received two weeks training in non-invasive prenatal diagnostic procedures at Prof. Neil Avent laboratory; School of Biomedical and Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Plymouth, UK

07 - 15 June, 2012
Dr Katarina Davalieva received one week training in application of FASP (filter aided sample preparation) for the measurement of differential protein biomarkers in tissue, at Clinical Proteomics Unit, Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK, held by Prof Harald Mischak

26 - 30 June, 2012
Bsc Sanja Kiprijanovska was trained in Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI-MSI) procedures at the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands